More Than 40 Bibliophiles Listen to Daniel Hernandez Read From His New Book on Mexico City

Daniel Hernandez, formerly of the Los Angeles Times and our sister paper LA Weekly, is what's called a reporter's reporter--one that his contemporaries, colleagues and rivals read religiously. And there were more than a few scribes last night at Calacas in SanTana to hear Hernandez read from his new book, Down & Delirious in Mexico City, a great read on his past couple of years in that raging megalopolis.

But most of the people who came out were run-of-the-mill folks looking for a great lecture. And Hernandez didn't disappoint.

Hernandez cracking a joke...
Hernandez cracking a joke...
More than 40 people showed up to listen to Hernandez read excerpts from his book and take questions from the audience. The mark of a truly successful lecture is if people actually buy the book, and Calacas nearly ran out of its stock. Among The Orange County Register reporters in attendance were Salvador Hernandez, Theresa Cisneros, Denise Salazar and Andrew Galvin, who told me he's now assuming the SanTana beat. Don't believe the Brave New Urbanists' propaganda, Andrew!


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