More Snowballing

Did you read the previous post about Michael Scott Kerr? Click on the previous post here so this one makes sense. Finished? Let's proceed.

Earlier this year, Kerr worked for the the Saywitz Company, a Newport Beach-based real estate brokerage and consulting firm, as a "senior real estate consultant." Kerr used his Saywitz e-mail and phone number when he started Snowball Express for contact purposes.

Kerr no longer works there for reasons unknown. But if you play around enough with Saywitz's website, you can find Kerr's bio. In it, Kerr states he's a "licensed real estate person" in California and Arizona.

What Kerr doesn't mention is when. According to the California Department of Real Estate's website, Kerr's license expired in 1993, while Arizona's Department of Real Estate website shows that the real estate license of one Michael S. Kerr expired in 1998.

Now, Kerr can easily claim that his bio isn't necessarily lying—he was licensed at some point in his life. But given Kerr has also been less than forthcoming with other aspects of his life, we wouldn't buy that argument one bit. And lest military supporters call us anti-American, anti-troops, or any of that for pointing these things out, we'll say this: the idea behind Snowball Express is wonderful. Too bad we can't say the same of the man behind it.

*Update: Karen Spears Zacharias responds in an e-mail: There was no nefarious reasons behind the removal of MK's posts. I simply took it off (though it's now back up) because I'm headed into town for the event and want the focus to be on the children and widows.

Duly noted.


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