More Reasons to Read Michelle Malkin

The commies that read this rag probably don't know that conservatives sparked the blogosphere revolution (mostly OC-based blabbermouth Hugh Hewitt), but it's true, Huffington Post notwithstanding. And few blogs are more widely read that the hysterical fits of cutey-pie/bitch Michelle Malkin, the gal who supported Japanese internment during World War II, thinks the funniest way to mock Cindy Sheehan's recent hunger strike is to eat a lot of food on her Hot Air video segment and likes to visit Orange County and hang with Grand Sorceress Barbara Coe. Anyways, a recent Malkin post expressed disgust that the BBC show Time Trumpet staged something called the "Terrorism Awards, with the candidates being a jet crashing into Big Ben, a suicide bomber and a dead Tony Blair. In Malkin's defense, the bit ain't that funny. But that's not why the hottie harridan is frothing. It's bad because...take it, Malkin!:

We are a month away from the five-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I still pause, once a day, to think about what happened and how it has changed my outlook on life. How it has opened my eyes to the evils of jihad. How it has changed the focus of my work. How it affects my children. How it affects us all. Every so often, when I'm in Washington, D.C., and a plane flies low on its way to Dulles or Reagan Airport, I catch my breath. And I remember. I cannot fathom how the BBC, the once-revered British network of supposedly serious journalists, could pull a sick stunt like this.

Chula, mocking the fuckers who want you dead is the ultimate patriotic act. The Greatest Generation sure thought so: when Warner Bros. commissioned Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to screw with Nazis and Uncle Walt imagined Donald Duck as a brownshirt, the fighting men and women of this country laughed their asses off. They knew, and the BBC knows, what Malkin doesn't: if you can't laugh at the evil in this world, you truly are damned. Or a humorless twit.


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