More OC Anti-Black Harassment: Rossmoor Residents Sic Cops on Nurse for Walking While Black

Stay classy, OC: any time we report on any incidents of harassment against OC's miniscule African-American community, people go crazy--not at the racism that still lurks here, but at those being harassed. So I can only imagine the comments that'll soil our pages after readers get through the following letter written by David Lara of Rossmoor, in which he states that an African-American nurse who's taking care of his ailing wife was harassed by an OC sheriff's deputy after a resident called to complain about a "suspicious" person. We believe David, who's been sending around this email--but how many other folks in OC will? And how many former Orange County Register readers will leave their nasty comments on this post and our Facebook page? Stay classy, OC! Anyhoo, onto the hate...

Walking While Black In Rossmoor By David Lara

During the past four months, my wife has been battling cancer. Assisting her on the home front during this time, has been her certified nurse assistant, Tiffany. She walks with my wife around the block and if my wife can't make it, Tiffany walks our 14 year old Maltese mix "Ernie".

This morning while walking our dog who was in a halter and had a visible six-foot leash,Tiffany was stopped by the Orange County Sheriff Department. The deputy asked her what she was doing and she replied "I'm working". Tiffany was dressed in the appropriate nursing uniform. The deputy then requested her identification. At this time, Tiffany again asked "Why, what am I doing that's wrong?" The deputy demanding her identification made Tiffany feel belittled and embarrassed that the Sheriff would stop her for walking a dog on the sidewalk.

Upon investigation, it has been discovered that the Sheriff Department was notified by a Rossmoor Resident that a suspicious person was letting their dog run loose off leash and that the person was taking pictures of residents' homes.

We would like to inform the caller that we have seen the sign throughout Rossmoor that states "If you see something call". The sign fails to mention that they are not referring to a Black woman walking in Rossmoor to immediately call the Sheriff and lie to them concerning her activity.

A few Rossmoor Residents have already showed their dislike for minorities by harassing, with acid bombs, another Black executive woman. In addition to the acid bombs, there was harassment at her residence causing her to give up her lease and move out of Orange County.

To the caller and racist who placed this call, if you are wondering what Tiffany was doing all you had to do was say "Good morning" and introduce yourself. She is a friendly, hard working and intelligent individual.

Please know that it's not a crime to be Black and walk on a sidewalk in Rossmoor.

Email: Twitter: @gustavoarellano.

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