More News on Recent OC Register Layoffs--Sports Columnist Randy Youngman Among the Axed

Yesterday, we published news that the Orange County Register laid off nine reporters, including longtime columnist Yvette Cabrera. Today, we have more clarification on the matter--and are angered anew.

Sources tell the Weekly that nine positions were eliminated--five reporters, and four empty position that won't be filled. Two of them were editors; one of them was Yvette. Another was Jon Cassidy, a good reporter who was an unrepentant asshole (and don't just take it from me: when I told an OC reporter yesterday of Cassidy's departure and remarked he was an asshole, the person didn't even pause at my comment, instead sighing and saying "Yeah...").

The fifth one stings the most, however: the Reg's longtime sports columnist, Randy Youngman.

Man, I've been reading Youngman most of my life. He was probably most famous for his "Pickin' and Grinnin'" contests, in which he squared off against random people (and even the occasional animal) in trying to determine NFL winners for a week. The highlight of my professional career was being one of those pickers, and grinning when I actually beat him (I'd link to the story, but you know how our website is...).

More thoughts after I hack up another lung...

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