More Mexican Pooping Conspiracies

If there's one thing the Anti-Immigrant All-Stars are good at, it's at spinning wild, wacky conspiracies about Mexicans. The latest going around, as I reported last week, was a supposed Mexican shit epidemic plaguing the streets of Dana Point. As the article points out, none of the day laborers interviewed for the story admitted to the dumps, had ever heard of someone defecating, and even agreed anyone who did such a deed should get deported.

But such frankness didn't sway the folks over at ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Comittee). They reposted my story today, calling it  "the first time we have received a newspaper article about it that documents this concern." It then provides YouTube links to a "possible illegal alien" caught crapping on a security camera, a George Lopez bit about Mexican farmworkers shitting in produce as part of a plot against America, and a clip of Mexican rock dinosaurs El Tri singing a song about "defecating on America."

YouTube appears to be down at the moment I blog this (probably because of all the traffic caused by that Virginia Tech monster), so I couldn't see the videos in question. But the motivation is clear: all these videos, coupled with my article, are proof of the Mexican shit attack. My only response to ALIPAC: how stupid are you pendejos to be listening to El Tri?

(More to come once those pinche videos work...)


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