Chairman of the bored.
Chairman of the bored.

More Choosing "Staycations" (and Hating It)

With wages stagnant, travel costs soaring and the economy as shitty as it is, many are chosing to spend their summer vacations at home. Fortunately, Orange County is a tourist destination so blending in with the black-socks-and-sandals crowd is no problem. However, despite "staycations" being so prevalent it now appears in dictionaries, Americans overwhelmingly report that these self-imposed travel bans "suck."

At least, that's what LastMinuteTravel has found in a poll that reports seven out of 10 people prefer a "real" vacation or classic getaway to a staycation. The survey also finds:

* Nearly three-fourths of Americans would take a vacation over a staycation.

* The main reason 72 percent of Americans choose a staycation is cost savings (no duh).

* Of those who said they've had a bad staycation, the main reason cited was "It didn't feel like a real vacation" (76 percent), followed by "It was boring" (56 percent) and "Too much contact with work" (20 percent).

LastMinuteTravel, which obviously has a stake in results that crap on staycations, points out that there are travel bargains everywhere and they are just itching to help you find them.


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