Monteilh Asks Judge to Confirm He Was an FBI Informant

Irvine fitness instructor Craig Monteilh, who Nick Schou wrote a cover story about in April ("Who Was That Mosqued Man?"), was in a West Covina court today asking a judge to unseal documents that he claims proves he was an FBI informant who spied on Southern California Islamic mosques and the Muslims who worshipped in them.

According to KABC/Channel 7's report, Monteilh is trying to collect evidence as part of his $10 million lawsuit against the bureau.

The FBI previously told the Weekly it will not confirm nor deny whether Monteilh or anyone else is or was an informant. However, according to KABC reporter John North, "no one denies the bulky, bald Monteilh was an FBI informant," although the bureau does deny its informants were ordered to infiltrate Islamic mosques, including those in Irvine and Garden Grove, as Monteilh alleges.

"They essentially destroyed this man's life," attorney Adam Krolikowski says of the FBI and his client Monteilh, who blames the prison time he served on a grand theft charge on the bureau backing out of a deal to protect him.

He's due back in court on Tuesday, when the judge is scheduled to decide whether to unseal those records.


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