Monday's Headlines. No Surprises: Pot not a drug, says Schwarzenegger

  • To catch an arsonist: "We will hunt down the people responsible for (the Santiago Fire). We will not fail," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said over the weekend. "If I were one of those people who started the fire, I would not sleep soundly." Strong words, but how much weight do they carry? Four years ago, a man was witnessed starting the fire that killed four people and burned more than 200 homes in San Bernardino. Was he ever caught? Nope.
  • Still on fire: Though containment is now at 65 percent, the Santiago fire continues to blaze its way towards Riverside. Firefighters had earlier said they hoped to fully contain the fire by Tuesday, but the Register reports that the latest projection for that is Friday.
  • Bravo: Today's online OC page on doesn't stray to Los Angeles and Sacramento like it usually does. Kind of sad that it takes a blaze of massive proportions to get attention for that section, but we'll take what we can get.
  • Weird Val: Hollywood resident and songwriter Veronique "Weird Val" Chevalier trekked to Costa Mesa yesterday to stalk spoof radio jockey Dr. Demento, who was acting as grand marshal of the 10th Annual Trick or Treat Festival at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The Daily Pilot reports that the gal (who floated among the parked hearses dressed as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride) was trying to give him her demo CD - which Demento had refused at their last meeting.
  • Moment of Zen: The British edition of GQ magazine today quotes Gov. Schwarzenegger on marijuana: "That is not a drug. It's a leaf." His spokespeople scramble to put a positive spin on the statement.


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