Monday's Headlines & Surprises: 200 million pixel TV!!!

  • Is that a freckle? Reporter David Haldane finds that UC Irvine used a $300,000 federal grant to build a screen 100 times more detailed than the current best high-definition television. Its 23-by-9-foot display has 200 million pixels and is called the HIPerWall, according to the Times story. Students and researchers (like Stephen F. Jenks) have used the monitor in medical cases, to aid rescue teams at disaster sites and--imagine this sports nuts: watch the Super Bowl as if you're on the field. Anyhow, Jenks told Haldane, "In 15 years, we will have these screens on the walls of our homes. It will no longer be wallpaper, just an active display."
  • You Don't Know Jack: The Sunday the New York Times reviewed this month's publication of John Leland's Why Kerouac Matters. The piece, written by Matt Weiland of The Paris Review, offers this provocative OC hook: “Leland makes a solid case for Kerouac's essential conservatism, and argues that much of the mutual bitterness between beatniks and Kerouac stemmed from their misguided beliefs about the book and the man who wrote it,” says Weiland. “Taking a cue from a conservative Christian account of the novel, he declares that 'maybe Kerouac's legacy is not Woodstock and Dockers but Costa Mesa and Christian rock.' (My emphasis.) Hugh Hewitt must be tickled pink.
  • Did a Reg columnist tout racist ideology? Last week, Anh Do wrote a column (“Pacific Islanders deserve own identity”) about efforts to improve public perceptions of the distinctions between various Asian communities. Do: “The Asian Pacific American heading within the University of California system includes Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, East Indian/Pakistani as well as 'other Asians.' These individuals within UC totaled nearly 35 percent of incoming freshmen in 2005 – the second-largest block after Caucasians. Yet for young men and women who may be Fijian, Tongan, Hmong and their peers, a label such as "other Asian" simply doesn't tell their whole story – their struggle for success through higher education. It's why they're participating in the "Count Me In" campaign – launched before summer and resuming this fall. It hopes to dismantle the Asian Pacific American catch-all phrase at UC campuses, starting with UCLA.”

    The column pissed off Anaheim's Daniel Van Dorpe. The engineering firm owner and onetime city official thinks Do slighted white folks because Asians lump Caucasians together though they include “Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Dutch, English, German and French, etc." In a letter to the Reg, Van Dorpe wrote, “The 'Count Me In' campaign promotes division among students, favoritism for politically correct groups and separation of the so-called 'victims' from the American experience. Anh Do should not support such a racist endeavor.”

  • The Hills have lies: “A spinoff of MTV's pioneering reality drama (or whatever you want to call it) Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, The Hills sees former Laguna fashionista Lauren -- aka LC -- branch off to live a luxe life in Los Angeles as an intern at Teen Vogue,” writes Lindsey Ward at the Toronto Sun. “There she spends her time sprawled out on the beach in a designer bikini, meeting hot guys at hotter night spots with gorgeous gal pals Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port, downing champagne and pizza in her atrociously expensive apartment and, oh yeah, working. You can just imagine the drama that comes with all of that.” Yep, it's season 3 for the show and the New York Times joined the soap opera bandwagon: “[The new season] offers some real-world suspense. If a sex tape featuring Lauren exists, her career might be altered; MTV has a stake in that. On the other hand if Heidi is a blackmailer who has invented this tape along with her evil consort, well, that's something potentially libelous too.” It's all Lauren Conrad today. She also appears on Regis and Kelly with Enrique Iglesias. Oh boy!
  • Soon they'll be parking all their cars on their front lawns: George R. Lefevre, CEO of Irvine-based MotivNation, announced today that he has reached a “preliminary agreement to establish a joint venture” with the communists “to design, manufacture and develop products for the Chinese automotive market. According to a statement, the company plans to furnish custom automotive components, recreational vehicles and armor car units. Lefevre says his MotivNation caters to the “custom motorcycle and automotive enthusiast,” including those who enjoy funky paint jobs.
  • So there's a congressman, a preacher and a gay closet Republican sitting a bar: Last week, Lisa Friedman at the Washington, D.C. bureau of the Whittier Daily News, asked Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Skipped Vietnam Combat Duty but still tells people: “I've bled for my country!”) about the popular website Facebook. According to Friedman, Rohrabacher replied, “Faith book?” Oh, Dana. Now Friedman thinks you're "befuddled."


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