Monday's Headlines

  • Inmate icon: God-fearing, government-loathing 86-year-old ex-con Marie Kolasinski has a fan base behind bars. Is that name familiar? OC Weekly's R. Scott Moxley profiled her two years ago.
  • Another sad LAT article about the blogosphere: Earlier on, the Times ran a head-scratching piece about the Drudge Report. And yesterday, a poorly put together Op-Ed bashing political blogs. Kevin Roderick at LA Observed has the usual.
  • Paving over their past: The Juaneño Band of Mission Indians are worried that a proposed six-lane OC toll road will unearth their sacred burial ground.
  • There, there, beneath the planks: An interesting story by METPRO reporter Tony Barboza on UC Irvine's fabled underground tunnel system graced yesterday's Times.
  • This week in "how to molest your sister on camera" Staffer LYT posts pictures from his latest OMFG-I-can't-believe-he-did-that feature.


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