• Protesting a pedophile's presence: Members of SNAP (the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) picketed at Seal Beach Sunday, warning locals that Michael Wempe, a convicted pedophile priest, was on parole and living in Leisure World.
  • Sub resurfaces: After a nine-year death, Disney's bringing back its much-fought-for Tomorrowland Lagoon submarine ride.
  • Confession confusion: A Garden Grove man walked into the local police department and admitted to killing his 87-year-old landlady, stunning the cops, who had no idea that the homicide had even occurred.
  • Register vs. Daily Pilot: Both papers covered Newport Beach's trash disposal woes, but only one got an actual story out of it. Compare and contrast.
  • Today in court: Defense testimony continues in the trial of Michael Lamb and Jacob Rump, who were accused of murdering a man in the name of street gang Public Enemy No. 1.

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