• Vanishing priest mystery solved, sadly: Last month, we noted that an OC priest and his companion disappeared in Portland. Today, the Times reports that their bodies were found.
  • Simpsons movie mania: Is this over-the-top, or insanely cool? 7-Eleven's turned 11 stores into Kwik-E-Marts (the fictional Simpsons convenience store), going so far as to rename their Slurpees "Squishees." There's supposedly one in Los Angeles, but that's as close to home as it gets.
  • Milking it for all it's worth: The Register has been parading its iPhone-crazy reporter since Thursday. As of this morning, they're still at it.
  • Ouch: A 35-year-old biker from Garden Grove allegedly going faster than 80 mph on Fairview Road managed to launch himself through one window of a van and out another. He survived but is in critical condition, according to the Costa Mesa cops.

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