Mommie Dearest

To my neighbor who screams at her 18-month-old baby: You are a bitch. I hear you yelling at him every day. I thought I'd peek to see why you sound as though you're in my front yard (for the fourth day in a row), and I see you kick his shoulder (with your foot) and get into his face and scream, "NO!" for a good 30 seconds. You do this every day; you just scream at him. What could he possibly be doing that requires you to start screaming at him at around 8 a.m.? You don't deserve to be a mother. You are a low-life bitch who can't get off her ass to hug her child. I see you try to act normal when talking to other neighbors, but I know they all hear you, too. You suck as a mother, and I hope he grows up to hate you.


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