Mitt Romney Cruising into Newport Beach For Friday Fundraiser!

Watch out 99%, a notorious 1 percenter is coming into town...again. 

Mitt Romney is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach on Friday night, less than three months since his last Orange County fundraiser. According to the Daily Pilot, the Republican presidential candidate is charging $1,000 for an individual ticket.

But wait--before you start withdrawing from your account at a tax haven in the Cayman Islands, higher-level donors get more! For $10,000 you can get a photo for two people with the former Massachusetts governor; and for a whopping $25,000 you win two tickets to a VIP reception and four tickets to the cocktail reception, not to mention a photo with the same man who believes an Etch-a-Sketch can erase time and reality! 

Of course, whenever a national figure of the Republican Party visits Orange County, the liberals behind the Orange Curtain will be all fired up to protest.

Occupy Orange County activist Christian Larsen said Occupiers plan to demonstrate in front of the luxurious 15 acre waterfront resort, using satire to poke fun at Mitt Romney's Wall Street-friendly image, mirroring the "Billionaire Protests" at Occupy Wall Street
The Facebook event page encourages participants to "invite your friends, bring signs and/or 'billionaire props' like top hats, fake pearls, cigars, suit jackets, yacht captain hats etc." 

"It's not a pro-Obama thing," said Larsen. "But we see Mitt Romney [as] being a huge symbol of what's wrong with America and unchecked Wall Street power taking over the government."

Larsen said the Newport Beach Police Department has been informed of the protest. 

Apparently not only the liberals will come out to play. A post by a Ron Paul supporter on InfoWars warns that there will be pro-Romney, anti-Obama, and others also sign "waiving." 

"If we can out number them or out witt [sic] them, we can steal the media coverage when they come to cover this event," the post stated. 

Stay tuned to see if the Ron Paul supporters can "out witt" the 99 percenters with their sign  "waiving."

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