Lance MacLean: at peace?
Lance MacLean: at peace?
John Gilhooley / OC Weekly

Mission Viejo's MacLean Rescinds Recount Request

Orange Juice! and the Mission Viejo Dispatch are reporting that Mission Viejo ex-Mayor Lance MacLean has canceled his request for a recount of the ballot's in last week's election, which saw him recalled from office by a margin of 19 votes.

Speaking to the Weekly on Monday, MacLean seemed ready to fight through the lengthy recount process, and said he was considering suing the Registrar of Voters, the District Attorney's office and the City of Mission Viejo.

His campaign's statement today, though, is much more conciliatory:

There is no question that the past few months have been extremely tumultuous for all of us as we struggled for the welfare of our beloved city. For myself and my many supporters, I can honestly say that our intentions and efforts were honest and pure; wanting only to see Mission Viejo continue as a première community whose quality of life is unsurpassed in the county, across the state and beyond.

While I am certainly disappointed by the final results of the election, it by no means defines my character nor dilutes the pride I feel in the many accomplishments that my colleagues and I have completed during my 7 year tenure with the Mission Viejo City Council. It has been an honor and a privilege to represent my fellow residents and serve as your Mayor. Like the rest of you, I am personally invested in our community and the results of this election will not end my commitment to volunteering and participating for the betterment of our city. I encourage each and every resident to do the same - it is only together that the California promise that is Mission Viejo will continue to be realized.

It is, therefore, my wish to nurture a much needed time of healing in our city by accepting the election results, as slim as they may be, and extend my best wishes to my council colleagues as they face the most pressing community issues. I can think of no other individuals that I could place my complete faith in their ability to lead the City forward in this unusual time. I have decided that for myself, my family and our community that there is no better option than to look back at this experience, take stock of the knowledge gained and use it to navigate a different course ahead. It is my hope that through the friendships, associations and accomplishments of my tenure, the luster of Mission Viejo has grown brighter by my service.

Lance MacLean, Mayor
City of Mission Viejo

We're wondering what caused the change of heart, and whether MacLean still may pursue legal action. Watch this space for updates.


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