Miss Your Commie Girl?

Miss Your Commie Girl?

Remember Rebecca Schoenkopf? The Weekly's beloved, wildly popular Commie Girl? Whose column skewered the rich, mega-rich, and other idiots? Who unceremoniously bid our paper adieu in February--and who was unceremoniously booted out of the Weekly offices afterward?

You can always read her oeuvre on this website--or, better yet, buy her first book this summer. Titled Commie Girl in the OC and published by the chingón publisher of radical tomes Verso, Rebecca's book seems to be a collection of her greatest hits at the Weekly, from columns to features and other goodies. We say "seems to be" only because pages in the back of the uncorrected galley her publicist sent us promises more to come.

Congrats, Rebecca (and dig the Mike Davis love!), but just one quibble: Por favor, tweak your cover. The closest Orange County comes to a skyline like that is maybe the South Coast Metro area--but even then, it's all splayed out in accordance to old man Segerstrom's old farm and not so neat 'n' prim.

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