Controversy isn't new for the Orange County judiciary. Just this month, Judge TheodoreMillardwas convicted of drunk driving after severely injuring a motorcyclist during a head-on collision. Before him:

•In 2004, Judge JohnWatsonwas forced to apologize for using court resources to conduct his home rental business and using his position to intimidate a tenant.

•In 2002, investigators found child porn and detailed sexual descriptions of young men on the office computer of Judge RonKline.

•That same year, the Weeklydisclosed that Judge JohnAdamshad falsified his resume during his campaign to replace Kline.

•In 2000, the state's Commission on Judicial Performance slapped Judge LuisCardenasfor routinely showing favoritism to lawyers who were his friends.

•That same year, the panel rebuked Judge SusanneShawfor repeated acts of misconduct, including suggesting to a "skinny white male" defendant that he would be raped in jail.

•Also that year, Judge GaryRyanwas admonished for drunk driving and repeatedly falling asleep on the bench.

•In 1998, the state censured Judge JamesRandalRossfor trying to sell a book he'd written to jurors, falling asleep during trials, and telling obscene jokes about "gang intercourse" and homosexuals during a case involving the sexual molestation of a minor.

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