Milo, doing whatever the equivalent of cooning is in the LGBT community...
Milo, doing whatever the equivalent of cooning is in the LGBT community...

Milo Yiannapolous Scheduled to Speak at Cal State Fullerton—And Students Ain't Having It

Cal State Fullerton's Daily Titan reported yesterday that the school's College Republican Club plans to bring alt-loser speaker Milo Yiannopolous to campus this fall. Unsurprisingly, progressive students and professors at the school won't have it, and the school's Students for Quality Education started a petition asking CSUF President Mildred Garcia to put a kibosh on Milo's appearance—and more!

"No Alt-Right Speakers or Hate Groups at CSUF," SQE demands, and it gets better from there. "With the increasing political tension and presence of white supremacy and the alt-right, bringing a figure head who emboldens these groups while oppressing historically marginalized communities is not conducive to a safe and inclusive learning environment," the petition reads. (Neither is an administration that ostracizes an alum for doing her job, but that's another story). SQE goes on to list Milo's sins of thought and action before arguing it makes no economic sense to bring his "alt-right circus show" to campus because of the tens of thousands of dollars needed so that cops can be playground monitor—good point!

"Inviting Milo Yiannopoulos is inviting the alt-right and white supremacists who follow him," the petition says. "Where Milo goes, chaos and violence follows. Allowing him to have a platform validates him and allows these groups to organize within our community."

(Hey, kids: the alt-right and white supremacists were here before Milo, and before any of us—know your OC history!)

The petition is here, so you can read all further justification and individual comments left by people who don't want Milo or any of his ilk to speak. On Facebook, I see my former CSUF colleagues, students, and their academically inclined pals tagging each other on the petition link.

As for us? Let the loser speak—but ask him for a debate. Guaranteed he won't show up—but that's a story for when, if ever, Milo brings his shit show to Fullas...


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