Miller Oh, Buena Park Councilman, Denies With Not Guilty Plea He's a Liar and Deadbeat Dad

Sangjin Miller Oh--the "Sangjin" is silent when referring to him as Buena Park City Councilman Miller Oh--pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of perjury aimed at maintaining his deadbeat-dad status.

Oh, who is not in custody as he previously posted $25,000 bail, entered the pleas to six felony counts Monday at Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana.

The 48-year-old, who could spend six years and four months in state prison with a conviction, is accused of committing perjury six times on DMV documents he signed on Sept. 23, 2004, and July 20, 2009.

Once, he applied for a driver's license under the name Robert Oh and failed to disclose as required by law that he'd previously applied under another name, according to the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA).

Another time, Oh did not disclose on DMV documents that his license had previously been suspended, and in four instances he used his fraudulently obtained license to register four vehicles, the OCDA claims. 

His arrest came after an investigation by the OCDA, the state motor vehicles department and the Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General, which concluded Oh deceived the DMV to hide assets from his ex-wife and avoid child support payments. His daughters are now 21 and 23.

Oh counters this is partly a political witch hunt, partly the fault of his own ignorance about the law--which should make Buena Park residents feel a whole lot better about their councilman. If they weren't already turned off by his multiple paperwork errors while running for the seat, detailed here:

Miller Oh, Buena Park Councilman, Allegedly Lied and Lied (and Lied) to Avoid Child Support Bills

Robert Oh, the politico claims, is his Catholic name. Sister Mary Joseph!

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