Milkalicious Mamas' Live Feed to Seacrest Radio Show

The "Manny on the Street" segment of KISS-FM's Ryan Seacrest Show is scheduled to come to Aliso Viejo's favorite "community-based lactation destination" between 7 and 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

"Expectant and breastfeeding couples, family and friends are invited to attend, have fun, win prizes, see what we have to offer and learn some of the great things breastfeeding can do for families, including saving them money," says Jennifer Ritchie, Milkalicious Breastfeeding Boutique president, in the firm's all inclusive press statement.

"This is our way of bringing awareness to the importance of breastfeeding--socially, emotionally and economically," adds Jennifer Kusmier-Smith, the Milkalicious co-owner and vice president of business development. "We wanted to foster the idea that breastfeeding is not 'weird,' but rather the cultural norm and the green choice, with a fun event."

First, breast milk is green? B) What could be weird about having Seacrest's little Filipino dynamo--or Filipynamo--reporting live from an event where breast pumps are doled out as prizes? There certainly must be a joke in here somewhere about breastfeeding and diminuitive American Idol host Seacrest.


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