Mike Trout's Days Numbered with Halos?

Many have wondered how soon it will be before Angels sensation Mike Trout is in pinstripes. Because Major League Baseball would not be Major League Baseball if all the best players were not on the New York Yankees. As comedian (and damaged Red Sox fan) Bill Burr has put it, they may as well make Steinbrenner's son the commissioner.

Now comes a report Trout's days in Anaheim may be numbered. Uh-oh ...

The LA "By God" Times points out Trout, last year's Rookie of the Year and this year's possible Most Valuable Player (he finished second in voting for that last year as well), is awfully overdue for a contract extension with the Halos, but there is no sign one is forthcoming.

Arte Moreno, who has broken the banco with multi-year, multi-multi-million dollar contracts to the disappointing Albert Pujols and only slightly less disappointing Josh Hamilton ($17.4 million gets us a .245 batting average? Really!?!), renewed Trout's contract in March so he now gets $510,000, which is only $20,000 over the major league minimum.

That apparently stung Trout and his agent, as it's estimated he could easily fetch a $100 million contract and could push $200 million with a 10-year deal. Remember, he's only 22. Hell, he may have a couple 10-year deals in him.

His agent, Craig Landis, says there have been no discussions from the Angels about an extension. The team can dictate his pay through 2015, when he will be eligible for arbitration and should land a deal in the $10 million range. He'll become a free agent after 2017.

Local fans can only hope he looks ugly in pinstripes.

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