Mike Harrah Gets Fined for Illegal Signs on His Santora Building, Shrugs

Mike Harrah Gets Fined for Illegal Signs on His Santora Building, Shrugs
From the Clockwork Coker Photoshop collection...

The Voice of OC has done a bang-up job the past couple of months reporting on the Banana Republic, and it finds itself in the same delicious situation we were in back in 2003: reporting on our unethical landlord, mega-developer Mike Harrah.

Harrah's latest morass is a seemingly small one, but it speaks volumes about how business is done in SanTana. Months ago, he put up some signs advertising his Original Mike's Cholo Bar--err, Restaurant--on the Santora Building, the historic downtown SanTana structure he owns and where the Voice of OC has its offices. Voice of OC reporter Adam Elmahrek called the city, and surprise, surprise! Harrah never bothered to apply for the proper permits with the proper agencies, both municipal and historical.

Two days ago, Elmahrek reported that SanTana has finally fined Harrah--a whopping $100. If Harrah doesn't comply, the city can fine him a stunning $500. Betcha we can find $500 in Harrah's beard right now--or in the glove compartment of the Escalade he uses to speed down Main Street nearly every morning.

Someone else should tabulate how many times Harrah has broken city codes in SanTana--I need to get ready for tomorrow's Patriots-Jets game. J-E-T-S! JETS, JETS, JETS!

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