Carona with a mob goon
Carona with a mob goon

Mike Carona Trying to Curry Goodwill from Mexican Students and their Supporters

The Orange County Hispanic Endowment Education Fund (HEEF) is a fine organization that gives out thousands of dollars in scholarships to deserving students every year and has done so for quite some time. Sometime this month, they will hold a reception for prospective recipients. Maybe some young scholar can ask this pertinent question to their elders: why does HEEF still allow disgraced, adulterous, felonious ex-sheriff Mike Carona to sully the group's name?

Among the scholarships currently listed for prospective applicants is the "Mike Corona* [sic] Foundation Law Enforcement Scholarship." Four scholarships to the tune of $1,000 each are available to "high school seniors interested in any aspect of law enforcement." It's one thing to partner with someone like Henry J. Nicholas, who's awaiting trial on multiple felonies but still finds the time to open up learning centers in SanTana; the courts haven't tried him yet, and his alleged crimes were in the private realm. But does HEEF really find it appropriate to accept money from Carona to students interested in law enforcement? My god, what kind of a role model is Carona for such kids? And the sheer huevos of this felon! Having Carona make out a scholarship for future law enforcement officials is like a pedo-priest raising money for a kid's scholarship. This is where standing sheriff Sandra Hutchens or the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs should step in with some moolah to displace Carona's dirty money...but I guess they have their own financial issues to deal with.

As as for HEEF: how can you accept money from such a cretin? And, how DARE one of your own, lawyer Ruben A. Smith, write a letter on Carona's behalf asking for clemency by citing Carona's work with HEEF as an example of what a great guy the pendejo is. In the words of the late, great, decrepit Wally George: SICK, SICK, SICK!

*About the misspelling: Is it a typo, or on purpose? Moxley just told me that it came out in testimony during Carona's trial that his campaign purposely misspelled his name in campaign literature as "Corona" during the 1998 sheriff's campaign to mislead wabs into voting for one of their own. Is HEEF doing it also to make people think this is an actual Mike Corona and not the felon? Inquiring minds want to know!


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