Mike Carona Corruption Trial Exchange of the Day!

Jeff Rawitz: Why did you say Joe Cavallo is a women hater [during an FBI secretly recorded conversation]? Don Haidl: Joe Cavallo has been in my presence when he's been short and rude to women . . . I don't know if he hates all women in the world. Rawitz: [Nods] Haidl: He's been rude to men too. Rawitz, smiling: So we can say he's just rude? Haidl: Yes sir.

--Rawitz, defense counsel for indicted ex-Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona, today questioning ex-Assistant Sheriff Haidl, who hired feisty defense lawyer Cavallo to represent his teenage son on gang rape charges in 2002. Cavallo--longtime drinking pals with Carona--was convicted last year in a bail bonds scheme. He's also a witness in what federal prosecutors say was Carona's conspiracy to enrich himself, his wife and a mistress on Haidl bribes and kickbacks. Haidl admits his crimes. Despite being caught discussing "untraceable cash" with Haidl last year, Carona continues to insist he's an angel.

(R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly)


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