Don Papi Pulido: Loves GOP hacks!
Don Papi Pulido: Loves GOP hacks!

Miguel Pulido's Only Friend--Adam Probolsky, GOP Legend!

The comments are still coming in about Moxley's wonderful cover story telling the world in concise detail what I've been rambling about for years: that SanTana Mayor Don Papi Pulido suffers from conflict-of-influenza the way his puppet councilmember, Busty Bustamante, suffers from foot-in-mouth disease. Tellingly, the only person who's publicly come to the Don Papi's defense and put their name behind it is Adam Probolsky, renowned pollster and one of the great county GOP hacks.

On a post by Claudio Gallegos over at the Liberal OC ripping Don Papi Pulido a new one, Probolsky popped up to comment he didn't think the Don Papi violated any laws. But Probolsky failed to mention two important details: Adam despises Moxley after he blogged about sexy allegations involving Probolsky's gal pal, Desiree Mouzoon, and disgraced former Assemblymember Mike "The Dripper" Duvall. Also? Don Papi Pulido paid Probolsky's firm $5,000 in 2008 for researching purposes in his ultimately successful mayoral re-election sham.

I don't blame Probolsky for the spin--he knows who butters his bread, and the guy has to make a living. But how telling that the only person who wants to publicly defend Don Papi Pulido is a Republican. And to the Democrats out there: ustedes always make it a point to proudly use unions and other sympathetic outlets in your campaign literature and outreach. Howzabout yelling at the DINO Don Papi Pulido for using GOP help? I'm sure it'll happen the day Loretta Sanchez co-sponsors the DREAM Act...


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