Mickey Mouse Goes Animatronic (Read: Creepy)
Vickie Chang/OC Weekly

Mickey Mouse Goes Animatronic (Read: Creepy)

Perhaps as an answer to our November 2009 post on the Walt Disney Company wanting to re-animate Mickey Mouse to keep up with younger, technology-obsessed generations who might just view the famous rodent more as a famous corporate icon than a beloved cartoon character, Disneyland has recently unveiled a half-cyborg Mickey to meet and greet fans--blinking, talking, moving his mouth, addressing kids by name... being creepy as hell.

Videos and more info after the jump.

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Stitch Kingdom

(which we found via


!), the video filmed on May 4  showcases what looks like your average costumed character in Toontown... there's still a guy or gal in the costume, but now it's complete with an animatronic head of sorts, with Mickey actually vocalizing with guests, even calling them princesses--"Just don't tell Minnie."

As Stitch Kingdom points out, new-Mickey seems to be using the same technology showcased in the "Dream Along With Mickey" show at Disney World, where characters blinked and moved their mouths but didn't approach audience members... or ask for anyone's names.

Okay, fine, so I both love and hate it--I was, after all, one of those kids semi-terrified/semi-fascinated with the costumed characters around Disneyland park--but most children will probably go wild for it, and that's really all that matters.

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