Michelle Malkin Bashes Gwen Stefani

There are only two national blogs we read, and both of them are conservative: local loudmouth Hugh Hewitt and Michelle Malkin, whose whiny diatribes we've been catching since her days as a syndicated columnist that appeared in The Orange County Register. Malkin is the Filipina-American columnist who wears her ethnicity only when politically convenient, who likes Muslims only when they renounce their faith, and thinks anyone who tries to respect their sensibilities is welcoming sharia law.

Malkin's latest target: No Doubt princess Gwen Stefani. Malkin is upset that Stefani agreed to dress more modestly for an upcoming concert in Malaysia after protests from Muslim students. I don't understand what Malkin's problem is, honestly. Does she want Stefani to rip up the Koran, then eat pork in front of everyone? Shout, "Praise be Jesus Christ—Mohammad was a pedophile!"? Malkin obviously doesn't understand that bands change their concerts from venue to venue to suit local tastes—"Hello, Cleveland," anyone? So, Godspeed, Stefani, and remember to change your latest hit to "Allahback Girl" for the Malays, m'kay?


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