Michael Kamrava, Octomom's Fertility Doctor, Can't Even Get License in Burning River State

There are various media reports stating that Michael Kamrava, the fertility doctor who lost his medical license in California for helping La Habra's Nadya Suleman deliver eight babies to go with the six children the single mother already had, is now trying to practice medicine in Ohio.

Alas, Ohio's medical board has reportedly sent the former Beverly Hills physician a letter stating it is inclined to deny the application.

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In reporting this, the Columbia Dispatch notes Kamrava was licensed in Ohio from 1977 to 1982 after graduating from medical school and interning in the Burning River State. He next practiced in Boston before turning up in California, where the medical board eventually found him "grossly negligent" for implanting an excessive number of embryos into Suleman from 2002 to 2008. She famously/infamously gave birth to octuplets in early 2009.

In other Octomerde, is it my imagination or while cleaning out old emails from my time away on vacation did I read Suleman's relocation to Lancaster or Palmdale or wherever the hell it was fell through? Please don't tell me OC is still stuck with her, I am such a fragile flower.

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