MIchael Eugene Upton
MIchael Eugene Upton
Courtesy of SAPD

Michael Eugene Upton Sentenced to 50 Years to Life for Murdering His Wife While She Slept

Back in July 2010, we told you about Michael Eugene Upton, who admitted to police that he shot his wife in the head while she slept. Looking at the guy's mugshot, he seems like the slightly unhinged type, but there does appear to be some goodwill to his story. He told authorities he and his wife had made a pact after the couple had fallen on tough financial times.

In court today, Upton, 58, plead guilty to one felony count of murder and was sentenced to Regardless of the intent, a county judge decided that, pact or no pact, Upton, 58, will face 50 years to life in a state prison.

The incident occurred on June 30, 2010, around 6:40 a.m. in the couple's Santa Ana apartment. Before his wife woke, Upton shot her once in the head. He then consumed a number of Vicodin pills, supposedly with the intent of killing himself. He called 911 after ingesting the drug.

According to the press release from the OC district attorney's office, Upton told the police he had killed his wife because "did not want to live anymore but was too religious to commit suicide." 

Upton was rushed to the hospital for treatment, and police searched the apartment, where they found his wife's body and the murder weapon.


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