Michael Berlin's Sneak Preview Movie Series Classes Ready to Roll

Michael Berlin's Sneak Preview Movie Series Classes Ready to Roll

I truly wish I could have got this up sooner, but Monday night begins Michael Berlin's popular series of sneak preview looks at major movies . . . uh, I mean . . . scholarly academic classes that feature complete screenings of motion pictures bound for theaters. Past audiences . . . erm . . . students saw Juno, Black Swan, Hotel Rwanda, Slumdog Millionaire and many, many more before they hit mainstream gargantua-plexes.

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What makes the flicks sizzle even more is Berlin's cinematic expertise and the views of veteran film industry insiders he invites to each class for post-screening Q&A's.

Now, I can't tell you what will be shown, but you are allowed to know classes continue Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. through Dec. 10 at Edwards University Town Center, 4525 Campus Drive, Irvine. What's great about that location is if the film Berlin's showing blows, you can duck in after to a quality movie shown by OC Weekly's frequent Best Indie Moviehouse.

Oh, there is no meeting Nov. 12. Cost is $150 for all six films to be shown, and I'm praying enrollment is still open (thus the need to post this before today). The classes are administered through UC Irvine Extension, so call 949.824.5414 or click here to find out if you can still get in.

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