Mex-cellente! (Daily Rotten Edition)

Daily Rotten is one of the great websites on Earth--the Drudge Report for non-Coast to Coast weirdos, for fans of stories involving faked dildo rapes, all things Haidl, and men regretting not punching Bob Hope in the face when they had a chance (needless to say, Daily Rotten picks up at least one Weekly story a month). Today's edition picked up my story about a man being suspended from work for showing ¡Ask a Mexican! to a co-worker. On Daily Rotten's comments section (called the Daily Rotten Forum Experience), folks ragged on The Mexican, ragged on PC police, ragged on everything and everyone. But the following comment is perhaps the best criticism of the United States and Mexico we've yet heard:

Mexicunts and Americunts should get along. After all they're both cunts.

Caution: don't show the above comment to someone while at work.


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