Many are melting this hot-ass summer waiting to meet Anna and Elsa in the Frozen Room.
Many are melting this hot-ass summer waiting to meet Anna and Elsa in the Frozen Room.

Melting in Line Waiting to Get Into the Frozen Room? Disneyland Now Offers a Faster Way In

You know how Disneyland has those Fastpasses that let you reserve a place in line closer to the front of the most popular attractions? Apparently the movie Frozen (right down to that annoying song) is so popular that the Mouse is extending the Fastpass concept to the line leading into the Frozen Room, which is where future princesses go to meet Anna and Elsa.

The Frozen Room has become one of the most popular Big D attractions since it opened last winter, with waits lasting 2 hours or more to meet the hit movie's heroines. And so now comes the "virtual queue" ticket that is available to patrons at no cost, the Orange County Register reports.

Here's how it works: Go to a designated spot outside the Frozen Room in Fantasyland; present your admission ticket or annual pass; get a ticket to return at an appointed time to meet the cast members portraying Anna and Elsa; and return at that time.

Virtual queue ticket quantities are limited, with the free passes doled out on a first-come, first-served basis as soon as the park opens until all have been given out. Indeed, the line for the virtual queue is now starting to rival the Frozen Room itself, with people waiting as long as 45 minutes for a ticket that will have them waiting another 20 minutes to actually see the Disney princesses. Hmmm ...

Since it would be impossible to reach Fantasyland without an admission ticket or annual pass, one assumes the reason you have to show them is to cross-reference with those who have already received virtual queue tickets, to prevent folks from getting multiple tickets during the same visit.

That's too bad, because collecting buckets of virtual queue tickets and secretly selling them would be a great way to offset the $987 (or whatever it is) cost of admission these days.

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