Meg Whitman Gubernatorial Campaign's Media Buy Shocks Observers

"These are some big fuckin' numbers. She's buying the whole shebang."

--Bill Carrick, veteran Democratic media consultant, after reviewing the Gross Rating Point report measuring the size and reach of the Meg Whitman gubernatorial campaign's current advertising buy. The broadcast schedule in 11 California markets "shows that eMeg's buy is comparable to what a fully-loaded campaign might ordinarily deliver in the closing weeks of a heated race-not three months before a primary that she's prohibitively leading," reports Calbuzz.

The next Calbuzz item tells how Whitman invited the media to accompany her on a tour of the Union Pacific Railroad site at the Port of Oakland on Tuesday.

She then refused to take reporters' questions.

Makes first-time candidate Arnold seem like a Kardashian by comparison.


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