Meet Joani Lynch, a Mammoth Titan

Looking to the front of the Mammoth Mountain shuttle bus while gulping my first cup of coffee of the morning, I estimate Joani Lynch is about as far from me as she is most mornings when I gulp my first cup of coffee of the morning in my jammies.

Wait ... that didn't come out right.

June Mountain Reopening is a Family Affair

Ms. Lynch is known to Southern California viewers of the KTLA Morning News as the "Joani" weatherman Mark Kriski throws it to winter and spring mornings for Mammoth Mountain snow reports.

As we were being whisked up to June Mountain for Friday's opening day, Lynch sat about the same distance from me as my television is from my bed. Fortunately for her and everyone else on the bus, at least I'd already showered.

Mammoth's communications director, Lynch told me she actually has an Orange County connection. She went to Cal State Fullerton to play volleyball, and left the campus in 1991 with a degree in communications/journalism.

Besides skiing like a demon, she bikes, climbs and runs, but only if she has to. "I hate running," she explained.

I know she's a mom because she had to leave one media event to pick up her daughter, and I know she's a wife because she had to leave another media event to watch her husband play hockey at the rink next to the Vons in town.

A Mammoth Titan live on 5 ... who knew?

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