Measure D Folks Cringe as Initiative of Satan is Winning

"Ah, shit!" Phil Bacerra exclaims as he sees the early results for SanTana's Measure D term-limit extension. Measure D (D is for Developers) is currently winning by a nearly 60-40 margin, and the No on Measure D troops--Orange Juice bloggers Tish Leon and Thomas Anthony Gordon, and others--have arrived at Pangea and look glum.

Leon tries to muster a smile. "They say that the early results of a vote usually predict whether something will win or lose," she says. "But I talked to everyone I know, and they all voted no." She goes outside with her No on Measure D group, who stand around a laptop with long faces.

"I hate to sound like the eternal optimist," Bacerra says as he sees the results. But reality sets in. "Fuck!" he whispers. "Fuck!"


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