McCain Gets his Gooks

We like Arizona Senator and Republican presidential candidate John McCain much more than his automaton flip-flopper (and Hugh Hewitt favorite) main opponent, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. But we've never been able to understand why Little Saigon's power brokers never asked McCain to apologize back in 2000, when he appeared before thousands in Westminster's Asian Garden Mall a couple of weeks after referring to Vietnamese as "gooks." McCain offered spin prior to appearing, explaining he only used the slur in reference to his former Communist captors during the Vietnam War, and Vietnamese politicians accepted his worm-out. That didn't placate young Vietnamese-American activists, who protested McCain's appearance and...well, you'll have to read our R. Scott Moxley's disheartening take on it.

Now word comes that State Assemblymember Van Tran and his elected cronies are supporting McCain's campaign. "I am very proud to support John McCain, a man who has done so much for America and for Asian-Americans across our nation," Tran said in the press release. "He clearly is the best candidate to represent all Americans in the White House." The Trannies can support whomever they want, of course, but can you imagine the howls of laughter if Latino politicians endorsed a candidate that used to call Mexicans wabs and beaners, then recanted only upon pressure coming from other people and then claiming they only used the word to describe cholos?


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