May God have mercy on your soul.

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The article made me sound like a negative douche bag [Theo Douglas' "Cruel Summer," May 20]. And you used some unflattering photo of me from long ago.

I'm writing to thank you for your superb coverage of the Orange Diocese child abuse crisis. Now that the personnel files of diocesan priests have been released, I know I can count on you to interpret and comment on the horrendous significance of how these crimes were committed, covered up and ignored from the bottom to the top of the Roman Catholic Church [Gustavo Arellano's "The 'Sins' of the Father," posted online May 19, in print May 27]. That ordinary citizens continue to support clergy who would harm their children, even in the face of undeniable facts, is appalling.

Your article shows some disturbing confusion about your knowledge of, and attitude toward, the Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps a few points might be helpful in generating more light and less heat. There is a principle of subsidiarity in the Church; basically, this means that problems should be solved at the level of their existence. The gentleman to whom you referred sent a communication to the pope. Quite obviously, that was intercepted by a staff person. Is anyone surprised when a staff person responds to a query of a constituent of a political officer? Normal procedure for the United States government. So too in the worldwide Church. The normal procedure has been and still is, send the problem back to the level of origin since that is where the problem must be solved. That someone was asleep at the switch is not in doubt. But that someone was not Pope John Paul II. Journalists have a precious place in the world but must be held to the truth and to understanding the facts. If this not be the case, then such journalists are only so-called, they are purveyors of something that stinks.

The editorresponds:John,darling,areyouseriouslysuggestingthatifa"politicalofficer"hadfoundoutthatmembersofhisstaffwerehabituallymolestingandrapingtheyoungchildrenofhisconstituents,andthatothermembersofhisstaffwerenotonlycoveringupthesemattersbutalsomakingitpossiblefortherapestocontinue,thatthesamepoliticalofficerwouldallowsome"staffperson"tohandleitatthe"levelofexistence"?John,itwasn'thandledatanylevel.NotbylocalofficialsandcertainlynotbyPopeJohnPaulII,who,evenifweassumeheneversawtheletterinquestion,certainlyhadtobeawareofthesexscandalfromthenumerousnewspaperandbroadcastnewsaccounts.HecertainlyhadtoknowabouttheoutragesofBostonCardinalBernardLaw.Howdidhehandlethat?HepromotedLawtoapositionattheVatican.John,weappreciateyourincredibleknowledgeofpolitics,churchprocedureandjournalismthatisunderminedonlybyyourcompleteignoranceand/orreluctancetofacethetruth.TheChurchdidthis.Thevictims,andthejournalistswhotelltheirstories,didn'tdoanything.Ofcourse,neitherdidthepope.Thatshouldmakeyouangry.

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy those new glossy inserts you guys have added. Putting vaginal reconstructive surgery on one side and an ad for a steakhouse on the other is probably the funniest thing I've seen in OCWeeklyever. Keep up the good work.

Gustavo Arellano, are you even a Mexican? I guess that doesn't matter. We are all ignorant, wouldn't you say? Well, I can control mine to myself. Yeah, some children can't do that, but, I guess kids will be kids [Ask a Mexican, Jan. 28]. Well, you see, I'm half German and Spanish. I guess you can say my grandparents are Mexicans, since they're from Mexico City. You see, though, if you want to use that brain of yours, my grandfather, lived the American Dream. Came to this country, no money, no food. He would ask anyone for work, to sweep, or really anything for some change or even a piece of tortilla. Even though it was a little tortilla, it was all he had to eat in two days, so, being excited, he ate it too fast. So, being sick, poor, homeless and being alone in America, my grandfather, a Mexican he was, who put his life before God, still fought for that American Dream. You do not insult me, because my grandfather was making 100 thousand a year 10 years later. He became an American. Yes, he was Mexican, but an American. That's what, on my other side of my family, my other grandfather fought for in World War II. Man, but your funny. Ha ha. I'm not mad at you. The lord says forgive. But, you doinsult my family. I just want you to know that. May God have mercy on your soul. Oh wait, that's all fake, right? I mean, if you committed a crime today, like murder, but got caught 20 years later, you still would be judged and sent to jail. But, if someone, who can take your place for these crimes, did and set you free, how would you feel? Well, Jesus did. And he said the father is in you. Listen to your heart first, not everyone elses. I hope to see you on the other side. God Bless you.

I am a pure-blooded Mexican, but that doesn't stop me from realizing that most Mexicans are dumb, most whites are trash, and most blacks are ignorant. I almost forgot to mention that all Orientals should not drive. Divided we stand, together we fall.


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