Matt Keough, Ace Pitcher-Turned-Town Drunk, Gets Year in Jail (Sorta) for Latest DUI

Former Oakland A's pitcher, probable ex-husband of Playboy Playmate-turned-founding

The Real Housewives of Orange County

cast member

Jeana Keough

and current boozehound

Matt Keough

was sentenced today to a year of jail for his latest DUI incident.

On the bright side, Keough was granted credit for time served and, with good behavior, he can be out of lockup in 194 days. Orange County Superior Court Judge Derek Johnson could have sentenced him to three years in the slammer.

The former Mrs., Jeana Keough

The Oakland Athletics ace played with the team from 1977-83, made the 1978 All-Star team and went on to pitch for the New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros. He also pitched in Japan for four seasons.

The 55-year-old appeared on Real Housewives with his then un-estranged wife, the 1980 Playmate born Jeana Ellen Tomasino. Keough is now legally separated from the some time actress and real estate saleswoman who was a cast member on Bravo's unreal reality show from season one through the first three episodes of season five.

The Keoughs have three children: Kara, Colton and Shane, a minor league outfielder in the A's system. If Shane Keough makes it to the Bigs, he will be a third-generation major leaguer, as Matt Keough's father was also called up.

Keough ran a stop sign on Aug. 15, 2009, about a quarter-mile from his Coto de Caza home, and a sobriety test determined his blood alcohol level was .30, more than three times the legal limit.

After postponing one court sentencing because his attorney determined he was too drunk to report, Keough pleaded guilty on July 12 to felony DUI and was sent to the California Institution for Men in Chino for a 90-day diagnostic program so mental health experts could determine if he was eligible for probation.

Johnson's ruling requires Keough to finish his sentence in Orange County Jail and be was placed on five years probation.

In 2005, Keough was behind the wheel of a vehicle that rear-ended a car idling at a red light, pushing it into a pedestrian who suffered a knee injury. Keough pleaded guilty to drunken driving and was sentenced to three years probation and 180 days in jail.

He got another 180 days in jail in 2008 after admitting he violated probation by drinking wine at a hotel.

Hopefully someone at OC Jail has been keeping a bunk warm for Orange County's version of Otis from The Andy Griffith Show.

Perhaps we should pity Keough. Rob Harley, the ex-arm's attorney, has reportedly said that his client has never been the same since he was hit in the head with a foul ball during spring training in 1992, when he was attempting a major league comeback with the Angels.

"He lost all self-respect, his self-esteem," Harley says in wire service accounts of today's sentencing, "and now he's an alcoholic, a caged animal."

He would have fit in well with the Halos.


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