Ziegler makes explosive news on Drudge/Obama bromance
Ziegler makes explosive news on Drudge/Obama bromance

Matt Drudge Blamed By California Conservative For Helping To Elect Barack Obama President

A former Los Angeles radio show host is claiming today that Democrat Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008 with the secret assistance of the grand daddy of Republican bloggers: Matt Drudge.

John Ziegler, a conservative activist who gained fame in Southern California for his talk shows on LA powerhouse station KFI-AM from 2004 to 2007, wrote in a column he had living proof that at critical points in the last election Drudge erased or blocked from his Drudge Report potent, negative news about Obama.

But Ziegler's living proof is now dead: Andrew Breitbart, a former Drudge Report employee, who created his own conservative media empire after Obama's election and died March 1 in Los Angeles at the age of 43.

"It became very clear to me during the 2008 primary season that, for whatever reason, the Drudge Report was completely in the tank for the Obama campaign," writes Ziegler, who calls  the president a "socialist/radical."

That clarity prompted Ziegler to ask Breitbart if his suspicions were true.

He continues, "When I addressed this concern with Breitbart, he readily agreed and admitted great frustration at what was happening. He even revealed that on several occasions he had tried to post prominent 'negative' stories about Obama on the site but had seen Drudge take the highly unusual step of not only moving them down the page but also taking them off the site completely."

With Breitbart's death, Ziegler says he's now "probably the only living person who has full knowledge" of Drudge quietly aiding the future president by ignoring or downplaying scandals involving Rev. Jeremiah Wright's anti-American sermons and Michelle Obama's anti-American sentiments.

Drudge also aided Obama with positive spin, according to Ziegler.

"When Obama ended up losing a very tight race in Indiana . . . Drudge declared the future president to be "The Nominee" just hours later," he writes. "The mainstream media quickly followed suit and the rest is history."

Matt Drudge
Matt Drudge

Ziegler and Breitbart--who shared a firm belief in a liberal media conspiracy--apparently disagreed on what motivated Drudge to betray conservatives.

"Breitbart never really knew why Drudge took this obvious pro-Obama position," he writes. "He theorized that perhaps Drudge had become too 'Europeanized,' but I personally concluded that Drudge simply knew that having Obama around would be fantastic for business."

Ziegler--who created Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted, a documentary about the 2008 election--tells me that he's still living in LA and says this about the impact of his news: "It's too early to tell about reaction."

"There is just a lot of irrational fear of Drudge," he said.

Go HERE to read Ziegler's column.

Ziegler left his prominent KFI perch in bitter controversy. He savaged his former colleagues John and Ken as prolific liars. The station's leading talk show duo mocked him as a high-strung, egotistical nut--and worse. 

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--R. Scott Moxley (rscottmoxley at ocweekly dot com)


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