Matt Cunningham, Disgraced Blogger, Resigns Parks Commission Post Ahead of Vigil Protest!
Amber Lyon

Matt Cunningham, Disgraced Blogger, Resigns Parks Commission Post Ahead of Vigil Protest!

See the update at the bottom of this post on Matty's resignation from OC Parks Commission post!

The fallout for blogger/OC Weekly's Scariest Person 2013 honoree/sex-abuse victims outer Matt Cunningham continues after he mocked Mexi candlelight vigils for deceased loved ones. Earlier this week, Orange County Employees Association boss Nick Beradino called on Supervisor Todd Spitzer to remove Matty from his position as an OC Parks Commissioner.

Now a candlelight vigil is being planned for Monday evening at 6 p.m. atop the steps of Anaheim city hall.

The Weekly has obtained an invitation to the vigil from Orange County Labor Federation Executive Director Julio Perez. In it, he calls the image of a "slain" teddy bear next to a votive Virgen de Guadalupe candle for what it is: insensitive and offensive. Taking a page from the unofficial 'Rulebook for Racists,' Matty has offered an 'I'm sorry you're sorry' no-pology with the story going national in The Huffington Post and Fox News Latino.

Since Matty is the chambermaid of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, the planned gathering will call for accountability.

Screenshot of Matty's offending image because we knew he'd wuss out
Screenshot of Matty's offending image because we knew he'd wuss out

"At the vigil, we will also be demanding that the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce end its relationship with this political insider, Matt Cunningham," Perez writes. "If they don't, then we will be demanding the City Council cut off funding to the Chamber of Commerce until it can employ representatives who do not mock the communities they're supposed to serve."

Should the cash flow be halted, Matty would have to put his money where his mouth is and truly blog for free. As it stands now, with OC labor going after him, Cunningham's blog is so shamed that he can't even trade online chingas with them, posting instead about Kris Murray being appointed Mayor Pro Tem!

With a political battle brewing over the mockery of mourning, all those in attendance at the vigil should come with sincerity in their empathy and outrage. There are few people worse in this world than Matty, but grief pimps come pretty close.

UPDATE, DEC., 20, 4:00 p.m.: Supervisor Todd Spitzer announced today that he has received a letter of resignation from disgraced blogger Matt Cunningham. Matty first served on the OC Parks Commission in 2006 and was recently reappointed by Spitzer earlier this year. But he became a political liability after the now infamous Anaheim Blog post he authored mocking Mexi candlelight vigils sparked outrage.

Cunningham's letter simply stated that he was thankful to serve the citizens of Orange County during his tenure noting supposed "notable" achievements. His resignation--or latest wuss out!--is effective immediately.

Anaheim Chamber of Commerce: The ball is in your court, now!

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