Matt Barkley, USC Quarterback from OC, Leads "App" Poll for Heisman Trophy

Let's say you want to help build the case for Newport Beach resident, former Mater Dei High School and quarterback starter Matt Barkley of USC winning the Heisman Trophy.

There's an app for that.

'Project7rojan, the free one-of-a-kind app, allows fans and Heisman voters alike to track Barkley's senior season with highlights, sortable stats and biographic information.

Can you download it directly to your iPhone or Android device? Yes you can, Tommy Trojan.

Jordan Moore, USC's director of social media, tells that Barkley played a role in the app's creation.

"He was a part of the development since Day One," Moore reportedly claimed. "He was very adamant about functionality and design."

Pray that kind of focus extends to the SC offense this season.

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