Masked Man Fails to Rip ATM Out of Knott's Berry Farm Resort Hotel Lobby

Who was that masked man?

That's what Buena Park Police are asking after a man in a white mask tried but failed to steal an ATM from the Knott's Berry Farm Resort Hotel lobby.

Nearby residents' reports of a possible explosion at the hotel led police there just before 6 a.m. Tuesday.

Officers discovered a small explosive device had detonated on the south lawn of the Amber Waves Restaurant & Bar, prompting hotel employees to go outdoors to investigate.

He forgot to fill out the withdrawal form.
He forgot to fill out the withdrawal form.
Courtesy of Buena Park Police Department

Now, police believe that blast, possibly produced by fireworks, was a diversion.

Grainy surveillance video shows a masked man trying to remove the ATM on the north side of the hotel property at the time everyone was looking into the boom-boom on the south side.

The video shows the would-be thief attaching one end of a yellow tow rope to a vehicle and the other end to the money machine.

"It looked like he had it hooked up and was going to pull it out with the vehicle, but never yanked it," Buena Park Police Sgt. William Kohanek tells the Orange County Register.

That's probably because an employee saw a SUV backed up near the hotel lobby's double-doored front entrance, went to see what was up and startled the ATM taker, who was described as wearing a dark long-sleeve shirt, a dark wig, a white mask and red gloves.


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