Martin Millard: Woody Allen Thespian?

The blog of David Duke-approved local racialist Martin Millard is our local Net version of the scruffy man with a shopping cart. And like those rambling, smelly men that straggle up and down Harbor Boulevard, Millard writes stuff once in a while that rises above the usual rambles about illegal aliens, soccer and the glories of Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor to really strike you as bizarre. Take his latest post, one, it's something about how the Daily Pilot is Aztlanista and lawn mowing. But then, we come to this gem:

Note for trivia buffs: U-know-who appeared in a Woody Allen movie

(For the uninitiated into Millard's galaxy: U-know-who is Millard--don't bother trying to figure out why)

In the past, Millard has claimed he was the inspiration for Travis Brickle in Taxi Driver, but this is the first time we know of that Marty has said he acted in an Allen film. An Internet movie database search (the most comprehensive archive of movies on Earth) revealed that a Martin Millard once acted in something called The Second Coming of Suzanne, which stars Richard Dreyfuss. Geoff West over at A Bubbling Cauldron claims to have seen Millard's Allen role, saying "I've seen that 'performance'. Trust me, not only is this guy a 'bad actor' when it comes to activities in this city, he's a bad actor, period." What we want to know is which film did Millard appear in, and what scene? More importantly, how does Millard square up his previous association with Jews with stuff like this?


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