Martin Millard Not Just a Racialist, But a Homophobe

The man who fancies himself the savior of Costa Mesa had this concluding couplet in his rambling reasoning to support Proposition 8:

"On the other hand, it could be argued that if it is true that, as many gays now assert, homosexuality is genetic, then allowing gay marriage (and the normalization of homosexuality in society) will tend to have the effect of keeping gays from faking being straight and marrying people of the opposite sex and reproducing. Then, since they aren't reproducing the "gay genes," gays will eventually die off.

This, of course, will leave Laguna Beach partially depopulated and lower home values since demand will be down.

So, this gives us another reason to vote yes on Prop 8--to help save Laguna Beach!"

Sick, sick, sick.


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