Mark Sanchez, QB of Jet, USC and Mission Viejo High Fame, Tweets He Did Not Rob Bank

Of all the quarterbacks with Orange County roots on NFL rosters right now, the pride of Mission Viejo High School Mark Sanchez leads the pack, guiding his New York Jets to a league best record of 5-1. (Santa Margarita's Carson Palmer is next with the 2-3 Cincinnati Bengals, whose backup QB is his brother Jordan Palmer of Mission Viejo High. Mater Dei's Matt Leinart is with the 4-2 Houston Texans, but he's the third-stringer, while fellow Monarch Colt Brennan is currently out of pro ball.) But Sports Illustrated just named Sanchez the third most-overrated player in the NFL, behind Tony Romo and Terrell Owens. And a man has to think about his earning future. So, maybe that's why Sanchez felt compelled to rob a Chase Bank in Manhattan Beach on Monday.

It sure looks like Sanchez in his No. 6 Jets jersey. Check out these side-by-side shots for proof. (And keep in mind this a bye week for the Jets, so Marky does not have an alibi.)

Mark Sanchez, QB of Jet, USC and Mission Viejo High Fame, Tweets He Did Not Rob Bank

I know this is confusing. Hell, you only have to read this crap, can you imagine writing it? But as the photos above reveal, it's a tough call discerning which is the handsome young NFL stud muffin and which is the old Archie Bunker impersonator.

This much is clear: Sanchez ain't copping to being the bandit.

"I'm being set up. I swear it wasn't me," Sanchez tweeted yesterday afternoon at @Mark_Sanchez, adding, "#worstframejobever."

Visitors were later invited to tweet their best New York Post-style headlines:

@jamescarr89: "Sanchez Sees Future, Demands Raise";

@tenPMstriker "Gang Green Bandit Strikes Local Bank";

@anydee: "JET FAN BANK SCAM";

@jccooper21: "Sanchez Demands a Hand-off";

@GLITZANDBLITZ: "Robber Leaves His Mark";

@misstweetheart: "Robber Jets away with cash";

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@lafatsta: "$anc-HEIST";

@Adam_Greenbaum: "Robber Attempts QB Sneak";

@I_Am_JimboSlice: "That's Nacho Money" 

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