Mark Eric Hibner, Veteran LA Deputy, Allegedly Assaulted Woman Complaining He Cheated on Her and Threatened to Kill His Baby Mama Ex

Mark Eric Hibner, Veteran LA Deputy, Allegedly Assaulted Woman Complaining He Cheated on Her and Threatened to Kill His Baby Mama Ex

If the case against a veteran Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy proves anything, it's that those who wear badges have no problem getting trim. Mark Eric Hibner, a 22-year LASO veteran, was scheduled to be arraigned in Fullerton today on charges he repeatedly assaulted a woman he had a relationship with after she discovered on Christmas Day he was banging a second woman. The Anaheim resident is further accused by the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) of threatening to kill a third woman he'd had children with if she testified on behalf of the alleged assault victim seeking court protection.

According to an OCDA statement, the 44-year-old is out of custody on $50,000 bail as he fights three felony counts of domestic battery with corporal injury and two felony counts of criminal threats that could send him to state prison for up to seven years and four months with a conviction.

He'd been in a romantic relationship with the woman alleging assault for several years before, on Dec. 25, they argued after she discovered "a sexually suggestive voicemail from another woman on the defendant's cell phone," according to the OCDA. The argument is claimed to have continued into the next day, when the deputy allegedly hit her, grabbed her hair, spit on her, threw a lit cigarette at her and punched her in the chest.

Three days later, Hibner is accused of grabbing his beloved by the hair, pulling it side to side, and calling her derogatory names. He is also alleged to have pushed her onto a bed, straddled her, pinned her down with his knees on her shoulders and covered her mouth with his hand so hard she was left with teeth marks inside her mouth. Hibner is said to have repeatedly sworn at the woman and threatened to kill her.

The next day, Dec. 30, Hibner is claimed to have dragged the woman through their living room by her hair, thrown her on the floor, straddled her and choked her with his forearm across her throat, before covering her mouth, pinching her nose and threatening to make her pass out. She is said to have responded to this abuse by crying, begging him to stop and banging her foot on the floor to wake the neighbors. Hibner is accused of responding by spitting on her, throwing a lit cigarette at her and calling her derogatory names.

The threats to Hibner's ex are claimed to have happened on Feb. 19, when he met her for a child custody exchange. The deputy, who has minor children with the woman, is accused of threatening to kill her if she appeared in court at a hearing scheduled for two days later, when the first woman tried to take out a restraining order against him.

The charges were filed against the LA County deputy after an Anaheim Police Department Investigation.

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