Nakoula, who went by "Sam Bacile," on the set of Innocence of Muslims.
Nakoula, who went by "Sam Bacile," on the set of Innocence of Muslims.

Mark Basseley Nakoula Gets Year in Prison (But Not for Inflaming the Muslim World)

Mark Basseley Nakoula, the Cerritos conman who lived in Orange County and has gone by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, Sam Bacile and several other aliases, was sentenced to a year in prison today for violating his probation.

What's the big whoop? Well, he should be punished for crimes against humanity for making the disgusting film Innocence of Muslims, which brought riots, death and destruction around the world for demonizing Islamic prophet Muhammad.

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Nakoula, 55, served 21 months in prison after a 2010 conviction for check fraud, and his parole prohibited him from using computers or the Internet for five years without approval from his probation officer. He was arrested in September after it was obvious that as "Sam Bacile," Nakoula had used computers and the Internet to spread his inflammatory movie.

He was immediately sentenced by a federal judge in Los Angeles today for violating his probation on a 2010 bank fraud conviction. He admitted to four of eight counts against him, including posing under a phony name and obtaining a drivers license with a fake identity

As Bacile, Nakoula had at first told an interviewer over the phone he made Innocence of Muslims with the donations of fellow Israelis. But Steve Klein, a consultant on the film, let it slip Bacile was no Israeli, not Jewish nor even a real person but a pseudonym for about 15 Coptic Christians and Evangelical Christians from Syria, Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt. Nakoula, who resided in Buena Park during the 1980s, was eventually outed as Bacile.

Klein, a self-described militant Christian activist from Riverside, used to protest outside Orange County mosques way back when. A Hemet insurance broker who belongs to the radical right-wing Church at Kaweah south of Sequoia National Park, Klein was at the center of legal littering dispute in San Clemente that he eventually won in court. The city had claimed the anti-immigration fliers he was sticking under windshields were litter, but an appeals court later ruled his free speech rights trumped the municipal code.

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