Maricela Gonzales Describes "Surreal" Feeling of Having Back Sons Allegedly Abducted by Father

A "kidnapping" case involving a mom who is a Santa Ana high school teacher and a dad who used to be a Santa Ana school principal but is now a criminal defendant came to a head recently.

Valley High School's Maricela Gonzales and her sons Pablito and R.J. were reportedly reunited Friday, which was a year after they were allegedly abducted by their father James Gonzales.

The boys were ripped away from their mother as a result of a custody dispute, reports New Santa Ana. Dad is now said to be in Colorado facing multiple criminal counts.

The website includes a looooong message of thanks from Maricela Gonzalez on her Facebook page. It reads, in part:

I can't begin to express the feelings of gratitude, joy, and overall appreciation for everyone involved in the investigation, recovery, and homecoming of my precious sons! Words cannot describe how I feel this morning! I woke up throughout the night making sure I was not dreaming. I could hear my babies peacefully sleeping right by my side. Their scents, their warmth, their presence was the most soothing feeling any mother can experience after a year of anguish. I can't stop looking at them; it still seems so surreal.

It sounds surreal.

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