Honey, I'm home!
Honey, I'm home!

Manuel Flores Says He's Not Crazy; Wants Out of Mental Hospital

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas didn't want Manuel Flores freed from prison after the sex offender served a 16-month sentence for throwing rocks and a bottle of beer at a police officer, and then speaking in tongues when he was read his Miranda rights.

By labeling Flores a mentally disordered offender, Rackauckas has kept him involuntarily locked in a psychiatric hospital for more than a decade beyond his 1999 criminal sentence.

Flores says his confinement isn't fair, but you be the judge because he:

--Heard mysterious voices speaking to him;
--Lodged a nail in his shoe so it could be used as a weapon;
--Kept a shank in his pocket;
--Spit obsessively and reacted violently when confronted;
--Regularly hallucinated;
--Refused to take medication;
--Lit a paper towel roll under his bed and then denied the act;
--Attacked other patients and threatened to kill hospital staffers;
--In Oct. 2010, Flores became "extremely paranoid and suspicious" when he declared that he didn't know how to breathe," according to court records.

Medication time
Medication time

Medication time

A 2012 jury heard the evidence--including that a psychiatrist declared him "severely" disturbed--and sided with Rackauckas. Flores appealed. Through a lawyer, he argues that records of his behavior are not reliable and should not be considered in evaluating whether he's in la-la land.

This month, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana sanctioned the jury's findings and declared that even when he's properly medicated Flores continues "to pose a substantial danger."

Flores: Shhh! The poodle outside is giving me instructions
Flores: Shhh! The poodle outside is giving me instructions

Upshot: Flores, 45, will remain involuntarily committed in the mental hospital.

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